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Summer is just around the corner, blue skies and picnics.
Sugar was today's topic on BBC 1 and it turns out they gave Stevia the thumbs up over other sweeteners.
Why choose "Portion Control" as a method to lose weight? There are many advantages to this method of weight loss.
Say "no" to fruit smoothies, unless you have a shot glass handy.
How to gauge the calories in butter so you don't serve too much and spoil your diet.
Diverticular disease, can it be avoided if we taught people how to eat and not what to eat?
Seems like a silly question doesn't it? But really, what do you think about food? Food can be thought about in so many different ways, as a punishment it can be removed or rationed, it can be given as a reward, it can even be used as blackmail, although usually by parents. I saw something the other day and it made me think, just what would you be prepared to go thr...
New year is here again and 2014 promises to be a good one, with the recession finally behind us and the doom and gloom hopefully gone, we can now concentrate on ourselves instead of worrying about the rest of the world. The benefits of getting slimmer, healthier and fitter will ensure a happy year ahead for you and your whole family, maybe even look forward t...
Good portion control should start at home, around the dining table and right at the point of serving breakfast, lunch or dinner. We do tend to associate food with love, something that happens all over the world and sometimes, this means that portion distortion sets in and we can over feed our children. As the kids get fatter, we refer to i...