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How to stop comfort eating

25 Sep 2013 09:57
How to stop comfort eating.

It's no fun when you are a comfort eater, every word said in jest or with malice that touches your inner self, it can send your head into the fridge or cupboard foraging for something sweet and sickly to make the pain go away. 

It doesn't have to be like that.

Within each of us there is a sense of survival, an inner strength that we can choose to use or not to as the case may be. Sometimes we choose not to use our inner resources for fear of hurting the person that is hurting us, or maybe we are trying to protect loved ones from being hurt and instead we take all the pain, after all we think it is ours to carry. 

It can be a knee jerk reaction to a small or what appears to be an insurmountable problem, that reaching for chocolate, cakes, biscuits or alcohol provides the soothing balm to make it all go away... but does it?

For the moment maybe it does, while the sugar kicks in and the brain releases the feel good chemicals you long for, it does go away, as you concentrate on the taste and hug a full belly, you can close your eyes feeling satiated, repreived - for a split second.

Then the guilt slowly creeps back in, or you remember the cruel remark and once more you feel pretty lousy and wish you had not spoilt your diet.

We can learn to overcome, it takes time to break a habit and it takes time to be able to find courage to confront those who hurt us, or deal with the source of where our pain comes from. To overcome comfort eating and stop or break the cycle we must take control of the situation, even if this means that you think you  have to hurt someone else in the process.

And of course, you don't always have to hurt someone else, there are techniques we can teach you so that you make the other person understand with little detrimental affect on your relationships.You just need to put them in place and try them out, find courage to show your inner self. And one day, maybe you will have a crisis and food will be the last thing on your mind as you automatically shift into action dealing with the source and putting right, the wrong. For more help, join our club.