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Panic Hunger

06 Nov 2013 10:00
Good intentions to lose weight often can be undone with panic hunger. When this happens the only thought in the forefront of your mind is food, getting it as soon as possible and then, mostly choosing the wrong type because of a desire for starchy carbohydrates, such as; biscuits, cakes, crisps and chocolate.

You may see this as a negative  and be nodding in agreement but at this exact point, you have the opportunity to retrain your brain and practice eating more mindfully and, the more you practice the easier it gets. 

When you reach a point of hunger consider your options immediately - stop - think - decide!

Instead of automatically reaching for sugary starchy food, just stop - think - decide and try to automatically make a conscious decision to choose a piece of fruit or a small bowl of porridge,  a boiled egg, a bowl of free vegetable soup or some crunchy vegetables. 

It looks easy when it is written down but in truth it will take practice and lots of it but when you get it right and the weekly weigh in shows that you are losing, it is then when you can smile, knowing that you have beaten one of the hardest things to do when getting in control of your diet.