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Sugar - what is too much?

17 May 2016 14:44
They called Agave, pronounced "a gar vay" a celebrity choice and misguided as it it is just as calorific as sugar. Yet, on the bottle it says it is 13 calories per teaspoon, sugar is about 16 calories so not much difference and an acquired taste but at £2.50 a bottle we are not convinced it is worth it. Stevia, on the other hand is calorie free and reportedly does not raise your blood glucose levels, although that is debate with some doctors. Apparently it is quite good for baking with, although can have a bitter after taste, probably worth it for the calories saved. You can find out more here. http://www.stevia.com/S�/Questions_Answers_about_Stevia/2269

Our advice is to limit sugar in to 30g a day and you won't be far wrong.