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How many calories can I have?

From the overweight perspective, an ideal weight loss diet is 1-2lbs a week, which can be sustained with healthy diet and correct portion control. You should expect fluctuations in weight loss depending on what you are eating. Therefore;

  • Calorie intake of 1200 - 1550 calories for a woman
  • Calorie intake of 1500 - 1900 calories for a man

Is ideal is you are trying to lose weight, otherwise try to adhere to the recommended daily allowance (RDA). By cutting your calorie intake just by 500 a day, it will give your body chance to call upon the fat you have stored and use it for energy instead.

Nutritionally devoid empty calories found in fatty sugary foods, will swallow up your daily allowance quicker than anything, which is why planning, mindful eating and care needs to be taken when planning a weekly shop or menus. The food you choose to buy will be a big part of the deciding factor between weight loss and not being hungry while you do so.

Calories from most vegetables, salads and fruit, with the exception of starches such as peas, corn and potatoes, can be negligible. This is why you always find them on the top of every weight loss diet list and why they should be at the top of your shopping list. Ask not, "what vegetables can I put with this meat?" but, "what meat can I put with these vegetables?" And you won't go far wrong. Vegetables are valuable in a healthy diet, they provide roughage and fibre, vitamins and minerals, they are the jewels in the crown of a healthy balanced diet.

Drinks need to be incorporated into your day, high sugar low nutrition soda drinks like cola or lemonades, should be avoided. On average they contain 140 calories a can and about 9 teaspoons of sugar, even the sugar free is now known to cause weight gain, the sweeteners inside triggering the pancreas into releasing insulin. While black coffee, fruit teas and breakfast tea make great fillers, good old plain water, hot or ice cold is the very best you can do for your body and you should aim for a minimum of 2 pints a day.

Water is easily the most beneficial, your body requires lots, it has Nil calories, works well on immediate hunger pains and improves the overall performance of your biological systems.

Thermic Effects of Calories

There is research to suggest that eating the same calorific content from different quality ingredients will result in different weight loss results. Essentially, if you were to make a chicken salad sandwich on white bread and one exactly the same on wholegrain bread, you would burn the calories in the white bread sandwich a lot quicker, depleting energy stores faster.

By choosing the whole grain alternative your body will give a slow release of energy allowing you to go longer without having to consume more calories and weight loss could be nearly 10% or more in a week.