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Other Diets

There are many different diets and many that don't fall into any particular category, some have been established through companies implying set guidelines, others have been created by celebrities or their dieticians. The list will never be entirely compete for as we continue to expand with genetics and agriculture our tastes and demands will change.

Over time many diet's will become history, some will remain as set standards. It is important to remember that whichever diet you choose, make sure you're aware of any medical implications, that it will complete your nutritional needs and will not cause any unnecessary damage where other options are available.

All diets should be monitored, make sure to follow your Doctors advice and any professional recommendations on the best way to achieve your goals.

Following a healthy diet plan

Professional dieticians will recommend a healthy diet plan for their patient based on specific needs. Often these healthy plans are a route to easy weight loss when followed directly.  Sound advice from your Doctor should also be followed, even if they do not provide a specific diet plan, they may recommend you consume more of a specific vitamin.

With professional advice and the right tool to monitor your food, you can create your own healthy diet plan. Once you have the right foods, and the correct portion sizes spread over the week, it simply becomes a case of making it routine. There are many options in food choices, knowing how much you can have of each gives you an informed decision when choosing your meals or planning your nutritional requirements.

Not so easy weight loss

With the rise in social pressure, more people are turning to starvation as a method of "easy weight loss", a practice that is rejected by most dieticians and doctors alike.

Starvation causes the body a great deal of harm, by causing the body to eat itself, forcing it to maintain a living by breaking down both muscle and fat. When the body finally does consume nutrients, it will hold onto them longer, greatly reducing your metabolic rate.

It is also for most of us incredibly unpleasant, when attempting a lifestyle change it will provide nothing but strife. Starvation as a diet plan is doomed from the outset as our bodies are not a closed system, we need food in order to survive. When a person eventually starts eating again, they pile on the weight because the metabolism is low. What they thought was an easy route, has brought nothing but hardship for the future.