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The Female and Male System Bundle - Fine English Earthenware

Male and Female Diet Plate System
Female Portion Control System
Male Portion Control System
Male and Female Diet Plate System
Female Portion Control System
Male Portion Control System
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  • 6 times more likely to lose weight.
  • 3 times more likely to help control Diabetes Lose 1lb-3lb a week - every week.
  • Made from Fine Earthenware.
  • Microwave Proof.
  • Dishwasher Proof.

The Female Calorie Counting Plate - designed for women with the idea that no food should be off the table or out of bounds. These calibrated portion control plates alleviate the stress of measuring or weighing food and the restrictions of every day diets, making the perfect portion control and weight loss system for every user. Using this calorie counting tool not only provides an accurately portioned meal but also encompasses a natural healthy diet.

The Male Calorie Counting Plate created to remove any worry or work, is crafted around the male calorie intake. With larger markings, these weight loss plates are assured that you will never go hungry but still maintain the path to a successful diet, with studies showing its ability to control and aid Type 2 Diabetes they support your Type 2 Diet. With no restrictions to food or recipe it will let the user dish up any meal without any hassle. Time and money saved in a single product, with the knowledge that you are using an accurate calorie counting system.

The Portion Control Bowls - the companion to any of the portion control plates and the completing piece to the calorie counting system. The weight loss bowls apply a simple colour band method it can be used for both cereal and soup in your calorie counting diet. As straight forward as a portion control tool can be, our band chart will make sure you achieve a successful diet with guided measurements for both soup and cereal.


1 x Female Diet Plate

1 x Male Diet Plate

2 x Calorie Counting Bowl

2 x 24 page Instruction Booklet

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