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Success Accelerator CD

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  • Additional motivation in your weight loss
  • Professional scripted meditation
  • Success accelerator for perfect portion control
  • Relaxing undertones into weight management
  • 1 hour repeatable session

When used with Perfect Portion Controls weight loss system, it provides additional motivation in your weight management, using basic hypnotherapy to accelerate dieting habits, the meditation CD is useful in making long term goals a reality.

The Diet Plate Success Accelerator will give you a boost to the start of your weight loss programme. Adapted from the popular hypnoband therapy, the success accelerator meditation programme has been developed in collaboration with Michael Skirving.

Michaels dulcet tones relax you into a deep state where you are not really awake nor asleep but open to suggestions. These suggestions encourage you to practice portion control with food, use your Diet Plate daily, address self esteem issues, and gently change your behaviour to comfort eating and beyond.


1 x TDP Meditation CD by Michael Skirving