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Two Magic Portion Plates - Fine English Earthenware

Magic portion control plates
Magic portion plate
Magic portion control plates
Magic portion plate
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  • 6 times more likely to lose weight than going it alone
  • 3 times more likely to help control Diabetes
  • Obese children Lose 1lb-3lb a week - every week
  • Portion Control Made Easy
  • No mention of the word Diet.
  • Healthy Portions Plate for a young child who does not need to lose weight
  • Extra support offered
  • Made from Fine Earthenware
  • Microwave Proof
  • Dishwasher Proof

The Magic Plate is a healthy portion plate for children who have not yet entered puberty.

Help your child get into healthy portions now, by teaching them the benefits of controlling their food portions and balancing nutrition directly on to their dinner plate. If your child has a little weight to lose then the Magic Plate will help them to lose weight and be the right weight for their height under your guidance. Snacks are part of a calorie controlled healthy diet.

This is not a diet for kids, there is no mention of the word, just a clever wizard delineating the starchy carbohydrate and protein portion, with a magic circle for sauces and a box of tricks for a cheese measure. This is a chosen lifestyle for eating a balanced healthy diet. Sound nutrition is the foundation of our good health and the younger we start the healthier we will be.

This pack contains two versions of the Magic Plate. This is a great pack of portion plates that will bring your children gently back on track without mentioning the word diet, or even knowing that they are on a weight loss programme or learning about food groups and portion control.  You can lose any weight you need to as a family, gain great eating habits and together move to a lasting healthy lifestyle which will benefit your family.


2 x Magic Portion Plates

2 x 40 page Instruction Booklet