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The Male Diet Plate - Fine English Earthenware

Male Diet Plate and Booklet
Male Diet Plate
Male Diet Plate and Booklet
Male Diet Plate
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  • 1 - 4lbs weight loss per week. For all Men. For Women with over 6 Stone to lose.
  • Automatic calorie counting system.
  • Clinically proven for Type 2 Diets.
  • Eat what you love.
  • Dishwasher Proof.
  • Microwave Proof.
  • Available in Earthenware.

The Male Calorie Counting Plate created to remove any worry or work, is crafted around the male calorie intake. With larger markings, these weight loss plates are assured that you will never go hungry but still maintain the path to a successful diet, with studies showing its ability to control and aid Type 2 Diabetes they support your Type 2 Diet. With no restrictions to food or recipe it will let the user dish up any meal without any hassle. Time and money saved in a single product, with the knowledge that you are using an accurate calorie counting system.

For a man who doesn't want the gimmick diet or have to count calories, this plate will give a steady weight loss of 1-4lbs a week until you have achieved your goal weight. Not just for men but women too who have more than 6 Stone (84lb) to lose, this is the perfect weight loss tool. Our clinically proven measurements are assured to give you a successful diet, regardless of food preference. No time lost, no effort required, no worries needed, a complete calorie counting tool.

These weight loss plates are measured to give out 900-1200 calories for the largest meal of the day. When paired with The Portion Control Bowls it creates the optimum calorie counting system, it gives out 1500-1900 calories with a large allowance of 400-500 calories for the smaller meal of the day. With no restrictions or barriers, this is the weight loss tool of choice for every man or any women with 6 or more stone to lose.


1 x Male Diet Plate

1 x 24 page Instruction Booklet

*P+P not included in product price.