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Calorie Counting Bowl - Fine English Earthenware

Calorie Bowl and Booklet
Calorie Counting Bowl
Calorie Bowl and Booklet
Calorie Counting Bowl
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  • Both cereal & soup.
  • Easy colour band system.
  • Automatic calorie counting system.
  • Eat what you love.
  • Dishwasher Proof.
  • Microwave Proof.
  • Available in Earthenware.

The Portion Control Bowls - the companion to any of the portion control plates and the completing piece to the calorie counting system. The weight loss bowls apply a simple colour band method it can be used for both cereal and soup in your calorie counting diet. As straight forward as a portion control tool can be, our band chart will make sure you achieve a successful diet with guided measurements for both soup and cereal. Did you know the average person often triples the required amount of cereal needed?

The Bowl teaches the user what they can have in abundance while discouraging unhealthier foods. Cereals and soups that are high in sugar and fats are limited, while healthier varieties are generously given, making your portion control management a lot easier to understand. Our calorie counting bowls are based off a rule of thumb, meaning the user has total freedom of choice for what they want to eat. The guided band system comes complete with an easy to follow category list.

When used for cereal the bowl will give a 200 calorie portion when had with a quater pint of semi skimmed milk, when used for soup it will provide less than 200 calories, regardless of recipe. These ingenious calorie counting bowls are unique, calibrated and integral to the complete portion control system.


1 x Calorie Counting Bowl

1 x 24 page Instruction Booklet

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