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The Male Portion Control System Fine English Earthenware

Male Portion Control Plate Calorie Bowl and Booklet
Male Diet Plate and Calorie Bowl
Male Portion Control Plate Calorie Bowl and Booklet
Male Diet Plate and Calorie Bowl
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  • 6 times more likely to lose weight
  • 3 times more likely to control blood sugars. Type 2 Diabetes
  • 1-4lbs weight loss per week average is 2.2lbs per week for men.
  • For women that have more than 7 stone (98lbs) to lose.
  • Both breakfast cereal, soup portion control and puddings when on maintenance.
  • Easy colour band system to follow.
  • Automatic calorie counting system.
  • Clinically proven for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Dishwasher proof.
  • Microwave proof.
  • Made in the UK from Fine Eartheware.

1-4lbs of steady weight loss management per week, will insure a healthy diet is maintained when using your portion control system. Not only for men but also for women that have more than 6 stone to lose, the weight loss plates are versatile enough to be used for any successful diet and any lifestyle. Remember portion control management is an important part of life, our calorie counting systems merely take away the work needed.

The Male weight loss plates will dish our a healthy dietary serving of 900-1200 calories for your main meal and combined with the calorie counting bowls, will serve a calibrated 1500-1900 calorie daily intake, with 400-500 calories for lunch or small dinner. Regulating your intake, the portion control systems works off food groups, so it will work for any lifestyle or Type 2 Diet. This steady weight loss tool is also highly recommended for women starting their journey with more than 6 stone to lose.

It's the complete calorie counting system, the only portion control tools needed and the weight loss management pack that will stop over eating. Here to provide control towards a successful diet, with no gimmicks or tricks, this is simplicity at its finest. Using guided measurements and clinically proven to help control Type 2 Diabetes.


1 x Male Diet Plate

1 x Calorie Counting Bowl

1 x 24 page Booklet

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