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Sugar Free Substitutes

There is a lot of research that shows sugar free substitutes, while providing a service for our sweet tooth, can actually be bad for you. Certain types have been linked to illnesses such as; cancer, fibromyalgia, fatigue, excema, colitis, headaches, mood swings and more.

The Internet is inundated with articles, some claiming that artificial sweeteners are the very devil and others claiming the reports are misleading and not proven. The FDA regulates the use of sweeteners and as far as they go, they have given them the green light.

Another reason sweeteners should be looked at more closely, is that research is showing they can still trigger insulin levels. The body is tricked into believing something sweet is on its way and releases the hormone to deal with it, this in turn creates fat. There are studies as old as 1986 which cited Aspartame as the main culprit for people getting fatter. As the consumption of low calorie sodas was increased by people thinking they made excellent zero calorie treats, so did the populations weight increase, this seems to underpin the fact that sweeteners are tricking the body onto releasing insulin.

The advice is to avoid carbonated drinks and just stick with good old fashioned plain water. If you do consume sodas, then practice portion control and maybe choose a mini can. The full fat version will have about 5 teaspoons compared to 9 teaspoons in a regular can. At least the body knows what to do with sugar, all things natural.