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The Diet Plate Online

What is The Diet Plate Online?

The Diet Plate Online is a personal dietary and weight management tool, tailored to your individual needs. After answering some quick simple questions it calculates your ideal weight, and sets unique daily targets formulated around you.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your figure, it doesn't matter. Simply log your food and activities in your planner, stick as close as you can to your targets, weigh in once per week, and you will find yourself consistently moving towards to your ideal weight, it's that easy.

Where the magic happens; your targets & RDA/RDI

Each week The Diet Plate Online will calculate a new daily target, specifically for you. Your target intake is based on numerous factors including your height, age, current weight, target weight, gender, and average levels of physical activity and health.

Your target will only ever adjust your current intake by small amounts each week. This way your body doesn't get shocked by sudden changes, and you won't be left feeling too hungry or too full, making it even to easier to get started. As your targets regularly change, and aim to constantly move you further in the right direction, you should also never find that your weight change has plateaued.

Your targets are recalculated each week, so it doesn't matter if you fall off the wagon. Simply log what happened honestly, and continue normally as though you had hit your targets. Any damage done to your plan will be factored in and absorbed automatically over time. As long as you are usually on target, you should still see consistent results. This gives you the freedom to enjoy outings to places like bars and restaurants, where most other diets would deny you, because they're so strict.

The Diet Plate Online will also calculate your personal recommended daily allowance/intake. As you log foods in your planner, it will track what you have too much or too little of in general. This makes it easy to actually balance your diet properly. No more staring at RDA labels on packages and trying to figure out how much of everything you've had, let alone keep track of it all.

Your planner and template weeks

Each day of the week on your planner shows your intake target, how much you've already had today, and how much you still plan to have on top of that.

These numbers will change colour as you append entries onto the day, following a simple traffic light system. If orange, you need to eat more. If green, try your utmost not to eat anything further for the day because that is perfect. If they are red, you have eaten too much.

You can also create template weeks, which are personalised balanced plans full of your favourite foods and activities. This way you know ahead of time what you are doing, everything is already balanced, and you only have to add entries to your planner during the week that fall outside of your established plan.

Progress tracker

As the weeks roll on, your results from the previous week are tallied in graph form under the progress section. In the click of a button you can see exactly where you were, where you are now, where you are going, and all results in between.

Do you own a Diet Plate?

If you own a Diet Plate, you can use it as normal in tandem with The Diet Plate Online for further accuracy. Whenever you are adding foods to your planner, you have the option to specify that you have had a Diet Plate serving, instead of specifying an amount manually. It will also tell you which section of the plate any particular food should be served in.

Food and drink

Adding all the meals, snacks, and drinks you have had couldn't be easier. Our ever expanding database contains a comprehensive list of all the main foods and snacks. If we don't have something in our databse, you can add it quickly and simply by putting in the basic numbers off the nutrition label on the packaging, then it's stored forever.

With The Diet Plate Online, you can combine any amount of different food items into one single entry that appears on your planner. So if you eat out, you can reverse engineer what you have had simply by adding each of the items you had on your plate at the time, with their rough weight. Likewise, if you create a meal from fresh ingredients you can list those ingredients and let The Diet Plate online figure out the rest. You can customize an entry to your exact personal preferences, and save the combination as a template for recipes in the future. For example, if you like your coffee, with cream and 2 teaspoons of sugar, put that in as a single entry you know as your coffee.

Exercise and activities 

Adding exercises and general physical activities to your planner is just as important as adding foods, and just as simple. Even if you don't go out of your way to exercise, your body still exerts itself to some degree with your general day to day activities. Common housework for example burns a surprising amount of calories. The Diet Plate Online needs this information to accurately calculate your targets.

We have a database with all sorts of different activities. Some of them are full on exercise, others deal with simply going to work. If you have a pedometer, or any other fitness tracking device, you can also enter those into your plan.

If you are using a generic simple pedometer, you can put in the number of steps you have taken, instead of the calorific value it gives. The Diet Plate Online will then calculate a more accurate figure for how many calories you have burned, based on your weight. height, length of stride, and the duration over which the reading was taken.