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The Body for Life Diet

Designed by professional body builder Bill Phillips, the low calorie diet works by heavily incorporating exercise into its main regime and is based off the amount of calories you expend in one days activities which should include aerobic and muscle training exercise.

The diet is expected to last 12-weeks and is not a permanent solution to weight-loss and more of a boost into healthier habits. Over the 12-weeks participants will go through a nutrition and exercise program, giving a rough guide to what food should be eaten and in what quantities as well as a full list of exercises that the dieter should incorporate into their day.

Those using the diet are expected to exercise Six days out of the week and follow the accepted eating styles. Exercise is first determined by Borg Scale which is used as a rough guide to the intensity of effort being put in;

  • 1. No effort or very minimal, no stress to the body and no calories being burnt by external activity.
  • 2-4. Very light exercise in relation to your level of health. To an unhealthy person this may be as something as simple typing, to someone healthier it may be just walking at a calm pace.
  • 5-7. Medium effort in exercise or activity that can be continued for long periods but would put some strain on the body, walking up and stairs repeatedly for example.
  • 8. Strenuous work out, to the point of fatigue and muscle ache, a healthy person would require effort to force the continuation of such an activity, an unhealthy person would struggle with prolonged usage.
  • 9. Extreme work out, a lot of healthy people would experience this as the highest grade of work out they've experienced. Though this is relative to a persons health anyway and so an unhealthy person could reach this level, though it may be less intensive exercise such as running.
  • 10. All out exertion of the body, the dieter must put every last fibre into the exercise and push until the body can no longer keep up. A dangerous level that many will only do in very short increments however as it remains relevant this could equate to a very unhealthy person briskly climbing several flights of stairs.

This intensity index is then taken and placed on a weekly planner, this lists out when you should be exercising at which levels, on which specific body parts. It gives you six day of following the plan and then a 7th day completely free to relax and eat what you desire. With regards to nutrition it focuses on some basic principles that a dieter must comply to.

First starting out by separating their 3 main meals into six smaller ones throughout the day, then must limit high fat ingredients such as butter, mayonnaise and alcohol as well consume high levels of vegetables with at least two other meals. Dieters may have one portion of protein and one of carbohydrates for each meal however must keep calories and portion sizes low. It also aims to exchange unhealthy low nutrient high calorie foods, for healthier nutritional ingredients.

The diet shows results if followed to the letter, however it is very exercise intensive, it will require those using it to follow the structured regime and does not give a clear guideline into nutritional standards. Overall this low calorie diet focuses more around muscle and body strengthening and may not be ideal for those with busy lifestyles.