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The Cabbage Soup Diet

One of the more common fad diets, the soup diet is based of a simple idea of eating Cabbage soup as the main meals of the day for one whole week. The diet is supposed to shed 10 Pounds within the week, though this is heavily discredited by Doctors and Nutritionists that say the majority of that will be water weight and loss so severe is harmful to the body.

There are several variations to the diet and not much information on its origins, the few advocates of the diet have altered and evolved it over the years to make the plan a little more palatable for a general use with multiple variations of the famous soup to make the week of dieting less monotonous.

The diet does have a set structure for its days, it guides you through what you can and can't eat, restricting the majority of foods and beverages. For the most part, the dieter will only be allowed to drink Water and the occasional fresh fruit juice, there is an exception for the Fourth day where participants will be allowed to consume as much semi-skimmed milk as desired.

Remember that throughout the day, the participant may consume an unlimited amount of cabbage soup and that if it isn't in the list, it probably isn't allowed.

A 7 day plan

  • 1. Cabbage soup and unlimited fruit. (Except Bananas)
  • 2. Cabbage soup and unlimited free vegetables. Dieter may also include a correctly portioned "clean" carbohydrate, such as a baked potato.
  • 3. Cabbage soup, unlimited fruit and unlimited free vegetables. (Exclude any starchy carbohydrates.)
  • 4. Cabbage soup, with an unlimited amount of skimmed milk and an allowance of up to 8 Bananas.
  • 5. Cabbage soup, up to six fresh tomatoes and up to twenty ounces of lean beef.
  • 6. Cabbage soup, an unlimited consumption of lean beef and free vegetables. Up to 3 Steaks can also be consumed on this day.
  • 7. Cabbage soup, unlimited free vegetables, unsweetened juice and brown rice.

Note: Any lean beef may be substituted for either broiled Fish or baked Chicken(without skin). Participants may choose an alternative but must then stick to that one choice and not incorporate both.

The diet has a lot of critically weak points, it is a large reduction in calories for weight loss that is mostly Water. Only a small amount of fat is lost in comparison. Other issues notably, is the repetitive blandness of the diet, Cabbage soup must be consumed on every day. In more recent years, additions to the recipe have been made, this is to improve the likelihood of success while on the diet. Other reported side effects of the diet have included feeling weak and light headed, with nausea towards the end of the diet.