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The Eden Diet

The Eden diet, Christian in it's origin started from a very simple principal and has spanned into multiple variations through the Christian faith. The concept focuses primarily on what is perceived to have been in the Garden of Eden during Adam and Eve's stay. As you can imagine, the diet focuses around fruits, berries and vegetables but has been extended in more modern times to encompass other foods, though it remains a primarily vegan diet. The faith behind the diet can be a little imposing which can often turn people away, as the diet carries on it will focus more on repentance and prayer.

The diet was created by Rita Hannock and because Dr. Hannock was raised catholic, the main focus after having switched to this Vegan diet of fruit, nuts, berries, legumes and vegetables becomes more about your interaction with the Christian Deity.

One notable trait of this diet however is that the food eaten should be Raw, there are no cooked foods in this diet as there were no cooked foods in the Garden of Eden.

It is always advisable to seek professional health when sealing with a change this dramatic, your doctor will advise you on what foods your should be consuming to maintain a healthy body and how many calories you should try to achieve from this diet.

As it is a primarily vegan diet it increases the likelihood of loosing weight, the body will not be taking in as many calories for the same food portions. Protein supplements are also advised, because of the restrictions on what can and can't be eaten.