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The Hackers Diet

One of the more unique methods of dieting this approach designed by computer programmer John Walker, who has taken the approach of an engineer to the dieting crisis. Through his method, the dieter takes on a much more logical path on how to lose weight. This involves calculating average calories burned through the week, food eaten and required changes. This diet more than any other focuses on the work involved to lose weight and means the participant must put a lot of effort into initial start up and maintenance, however the core principle is very straight forward.

The Hacker diet takes your day to day habits and activities, also a food diary to monitor precise intake of calories, this information is then put into a spreadsheet which calculates the recommended amount of calories the body needs to function during your average day.  In essence the diet is reduced to the base requirements I.e How many calories do we use up and how many do we need.
From the spreadsheet, Walker then shows you how to create a series of calculated charts that track your progress. The belief being that, learning what you need for your body teaches long term change and forethought into future choices.

The Hacker's diet can be found online in PDF form and is written in some detail. It requires an understanding of Algebra to be followed manually, if done on paper for example but there are templates designed for the computer.

The plan seems to have been designed around the computer age and requires some knowledge of Excel and Math, because of this it can be a daunting plan to follow, it requires a constant monitoring of what is being eaten and because of this when dieters come off the plan, they can easily slip up with measurements. It can be very difficult to follow if the participant is not at their computer at least once a day. Though it should be noted that because of the in depth formula's involved, it can provide very accurate results.