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The Kangatarianism Diet

One of Australia's global exports since 1959, kangaroo meat has been implemented into diets much like a semi-vegetarian would implement western meats into theirs. Vegetarians that choose to eat kangaroo meat do it for similar reasons to those on a Flexitarian diet. For economical purposes i.e. the continued production of a nations main produce. For environmental reasons i.e. the continuation of a species dependant on public demand or possibly for personal nutritional reasons, where the meat would provide greater nutrition for less money.

Though you will still find stringent vegetarians in Australia, because of the early production and consumption of kangaroo meat, it is now more common to include it in a healthy diet even if the majority of that diet is plant-based.

Why it is so acceptable...

Many debates over economical and ecological benefit have taken place in Australia over the consumption of kangaroo meat. Animal rights activists criticize laws which allow for the hunting of species living in high numbers, while Ecologist put forth evidence to show that the harvesting of animals in such great numbers is actually more beneficial to the countries natural ecosystem. The argument being that the use of a countries natural livestock will preserve original ecosystems longer than if a foreign breed of livestock (such as sheep or steer) were introduced and consumed on mass.

Due to the vast development and research done over the last years in agricultural trends, animal population, human consumption and alike to many modern hunting laws, the consumption of meat becoming more acceptable. Stock killed for necessary ecological flow and regeneration is seen as more ethical and morally justifiable than livestock taken merely for mass production.

As varieties go, Kangatarianism is a recent creation in an evolving agricultural market, the term was coined by Australian newspapers in 2010 and has led to current discussions of culinary names for the different cuts of meat to de-humanize the way the animal is seen, very much like we have pork and bacon from the pig.

Though it is only recently that mainstream Australians have started to embrace this kind of livestock, the consumption of kangaroo meat is not an uncommon one in their history, traditional Aborigines would class the kangaroo as bushfood and would include the meat in their diet, the blood and fluids of the animal are also used, the pelt of the animal is used as well. In this way no part of the animal goes to waste.

Very much like meat specific allowances for vegetarians, be it fish or poultry the Australian version is only different in what is consumed. Kangatarianism will still rely heavily on plant-based diets, like any semi-vegetarian and will only consume meat on the odd occasion.