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The Master Cleanse Diet

A fad diet created by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940's, closer to a detox programme than meal plan, it held little popularity and was a brief trend. In the 70's it was picked up again and re-branded The Lemonade Diet, which took the words of Stanley Burrough, who had claimed the diet would remove all harmful "toxins" and diseases from the body and modernised it into a semi-spiritualistic guide.

The diet involves drinking only Lemonade for 10-40 days and nothing else, the recipe for the lemonade is specific to the diet and must be made every day or in bulk for the week, in more recent times the lemonade has been made available online.

The recipe; 

  • Two tablespoons of fresh Lemon or Lime juice, preferably straight from fruit and containing no added sugars.
  • Two tablespoons of Pure, Grade B Maple Syrup, which is darker and contains more nutrients than Grade A (Often used for pancakes).
  • A pinch or 1/10 a teaspoon of Cayenne Chilli Peppers, with the option to add more or less dependant on how used to the taste a dieter is.
  • 8-10 Ounces of Water added to the mix, recommended hot to warm but can equally be drunk cold.

This has also been adapted over the years to include a laxative herb tea at the end of the day.

No food or other beverage is to be consumed while on the diet, for this and many other reasons the diet becomes difficult to complete, many people struggling with the minimal 10 days. The diet is not completely calorie free because of the sugar, with a consumption of roughly 1300 calories, so those that do follow it will lose the weight over the time period and while short term fasting is not seen as harmful, prolonged use of such diets are.

Other notable effects of the diet can include dizziness, nausea, fatigue, dehydration and muscle weakness, which is down to the complete lack of nutrients, as supplements are also forbidden on the diet. The dieter will also experience regular unstoppable bowel movements and so though the detox they should remain in the vicinity of a vacant toilet, as lot water is lost through the diet.

 At the end of the diet it is heavily recommended that the participant move on to a strict health intensive diet of vegetables and salad to maintain weight loss. It is almost guaranteed by doctors that you will regain the weight if you fall in to old eating habits, what's more, because your body is now in starvation mode it will actually retain more calories from less food, making further weight loss incredibly difficult.