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The Nutrisystem Diet

Unlike many other diet plan designs, Nutrisystem works around the principle of providing all the food for the dieter, it delivers the diet to your door, a concept which has been taken on by other companies through the world.

The participant signs up to their program and then pays the company a monthly fee to ship set meals to the home. Usually consisting of 3 main meals and several snacks for the day, the idea is that the dieter only eats the provided food, which focuses on healthy meals heavy in vegetables. The idea is to take all responsibility off the dieter at a price, providing both the meal service and a range of dieting products to use alongside it.

The foods provided are based around the Glycemic Index and the meals delivered will tend to be low calorie and high in nutrition. They will be based around particular gender and will provide women with a calorie intake of roughly 1200, while men will be given up to 1500 calories. This will include the snacks to be eaten through the day.

These styles of diet require minimal input on the dieters part as long as they use the menu's given, because of its design it's difficult to go wrong with the food you're given, it can be very successful when followed and it is certainly not without option in choice. The diet promotes over 150 items to choose from for the month, lean meats, fruit and vegetables, all based around maximum nutritional value.

The problem with these diets is that the participant can easily fall back into bad habits after discontinuing and it is argued that because all the food is being chosen by a third party the dieter does not learn the importance of healthier choices. Some reviews to this diet advocate the lack of responsibility required and state how easy it is to follow, while others have complained that some of the foods are noticeably mass produced and can be distasteful, making it difficult for long term use.

Besides the food, the program also provides material on behavioural and emotional change, with simple counselling, it also contains several resources that help monitor a persons diet. The design is not as in depth as some however short term use when followed strictly has shown to provide positive results on weight loss, though as stated, does not give any true long-term teachings.