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The Subway Diet

One of the few diets that doesn't strictly exist, though there is material in its success, written by its prime advocate, Jared Fogle, there is no set diet or guide to the regime. His weight loss was made famous through the fast-food restaurants advertising and it is his book that has spurred the belief that a diet of sandwiches can serve as a usable diet.  Contrary to popular belief in the beginning of being able to eat what you want, there are actually some specific guidelines that Jared followed.

The concept of using only Subway Sandwiches to lose weight was designed by the companies marketing strategies, using Jareds successful weight loss as the driving force behind it. However in the small print it stipulates that he only consumed low-fat, lean meat sandwiches with no added sauce or cheese. They must also switch to fruits for snacks, while also incorporating proper exercise. For the breakfast meal, a small bowl of cereal is allowed with Black Tea or Coffee.

The idea was advertised in the late 90's and was a fad for some time and since then only a couple of plans have been set out for the diet. When not eating a main meal, dieter should consume fruit and salads to fight hunger pains.

Despite its popularity in some circles, there is no evidence to support that it is strictly Subway sandwiches that give the weight loss, though there is wider variety of healthier choices, the company branding itself "the healthier choice for take-away" the loss can be simply put down to a reduction in over all calorie intake.