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Weight Management through a portion controlled diet

Consistency is paramount to manage weight effectively, if the body is put under stress from constant erratic changes to eating, sleeping and other daily habits, it will take longer for it to manage it's biological processes. Water retention can be common in stressful situations, and can give the look of weight were there really is non. Find a structure to the mundane chores, allowing the body to relax for the task at hand, namely, maintaining itself.

There are literally hundreds of diets to choose from in the public domain, however, science dictates there is only one method to maintaining your weight and that is to get the calorie balance right and that is a portion control diet. The calorie balance is the amount of calories that we consume against the amount of calories that we expel, the difference in the number decides if we lose or gain weight.

With a correct portion control diet the alterations to your calorie input or output can be small, adding or subtracting 50 calories a day can be all you need to stay within your green zone (weight loss zone) even a 30 minute walk a day can boost your usage to the right levels. Those who don't exercise much can maintain a steady weight by altering their meals, and those more mobile can always increase their exercise routine.

You can even see your GP about ascertaining your fitness levels. Find out what you are able to do and build it into your life, those who exercise regularly can still manage their weight healthily with the correct portion sizes. The key to maintaining your desired weight, once it's reached, is to calculate how much on average you consume, then construct a diet that meets your criteria. It can be done over a week or even a month, so long as it meets the requirements of your lifestyle.