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Clinically proven, 6 times more likely to lose weight rather than going it alone

The amount of weight loss seen in the clinical trials was a surprise even to the medics involved and who funded the trial. The senior lead, endocrinologist Dr Sue Pedersen said, "results are not only good but outstanding and ground-breaking!"  People using it lost 6 times more weight than those who did not have access to the Diet Plate product.

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0.5-2kg / 1-4 pounds of weight loss per week.

Eat Fresh. Eat Processed. Eat Fast Food. Eat what you love to cook! Sit down with your family, no need for a separate meal. Nothing is off the menu, Just use your eyes and don't serve food outside the tapes.

The hardest thing about losing weight is often having to cook a separate meal, or the sheer expense of buying special low calorie food. With TDP there is nothing you need to do except cook what you know and love. Automatically by its design, the nutritional values of the meal are altered, which means that it is a nutritiously balanced meal, it is calorie counted and your favourite food. The benefits of this, is that you don't feel denied, it is easy to stick to and you see results. If you are struggling with your weight, then you won't go far wrong getting one of these.

With each week that passes, those using our nutritionally balanced portion control Diet Plates will see a steady weight loss of 1-2kg or 1-4 pounds. The calibrations on the plate ensure a 500 calorie a day deficit, which results in weight loss from your personal metabolic rate. This is why the weight loss range is between 1-4lbs a week. The clinical proof showed that you are 6 times more likely to lose weight with The Diet Plate than going it alone.

You are 3 times more likely to control Diabetes

26% of the type 2 diabetics using The Diet Plate during our clinical trial required a decrease of their medication within 6 months. Meaning that 1 in 3 people are likely to control their blood sugars around 5 to 5.5 on waking. There was also marked improvement of cholesterol levels, liver and kidney function.

Visual calorie counting system

Designed to mimic the way we eat, whether the meal is a separated starch and protein, such as a roast dinner, a combination meal like curry and rice or a combined meal such as lasagne. Simply serve your main meal within the designated sections for starchy carbohydrates, proteins, cheese, meat sauces, combined or combinations meals and you'll automatically get appropriate diet portion sizes, while still have a nutritionally balanced meal that is calorie counted.  No weighing food or counting calories required on your part and a huge saving on home delivery diets as nothing is off the menu, just eat what you love to cook.

Dishwasher and Microwave proof

All of our 11" dinner plates and bowls are made of Fine Earthenware by Royal Stafford in the UK, wholly British, the original portion plate diet and we are totally green in our packaging, everything can be recycled.

All orders comes with an instruction booklet.